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It is pretty easy: Don't do or say anything here that you would not say directly to, or in front of your mother.
If you mother happens to be a dirt bag crack whore with a sailor's mouth, then pay close attention to the following:

1. This website is about Survival. Any topic you post should relate in some way to that topic.
2. We are all on the same team. That does not mean that we must agree on everything, so keep it civil. Civil discussion and disagreement yield more results than making disparaging remarks.
3. Do not discuss anything illegal. Not because we are trying to take away your Liberty, but because the government is. Be smart, and only have those discussions in a private setting.
4. DO NOT trash someone's FOR SALE or TRADE ad. If they are doing something wrong, let us know and we will evaluate it, and take action if necessary.
5. Commercial advertisements are not allowed anywhere without permission.
6. Remember, it is likely someone is watching all the time.
7. DO NOT post the work of someone else (news, blogs, etc.) without also including the link to the original material. Such post's without links will be deleted.

We will always do our best to adhere to the precepts of Jefferson's ideals of Rightful Liberty, as well as the ideals held by Robert Heinlein, all while dealing with the modern day constraints of the Big Brother police state.

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