water 3 days and your dead

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water 3 days and your dead  Empty water 3 days and your dead

Post by OKUTE on Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:21 pm

is just me or is everyone more concerned about food than water. A person can go three weeks with out eating a single bite off food and survive.
That same person goes 3 days without a single drop your pretty much dead. Now i know we all think that water is everywhere atleast in todays time. We are blessed to live in a country that the average american doesnt have to worry about water. You take one disaster thats takes out power or infects the local water supply you have a dire issue. Im not starting this post in reguards about storing water or thinking ok we can just fill up milk jugs and we will be ok. that thinking will buy you a couple days with just few people in your group. you need one gallon of water a day to stay mentally sound and physically healthy. Lets say the average group mag has 6 adults 3 kids you need to supply 9 gallons a days and im saying this is on good days where your not doing alot. this adds up to 63 gallons for a 7 day period. One gallon of water weighs 8.34 LBS x 63 gallons = 525.42 LBS of weight. I have not met anyone yet that thinks carrying or storing this would be possible unless you have alot of storage space and your very strong you dont mind toting it. I personally do not plan on storing any water. I would suggest investing in water filtration that can make good clean drinking water from a mud puddle to lake water pond water anything with a water source. ive spent alot of time setting up a good water filtration for our personal ground and our family and it can go anywhere we go with little space taking up. I hope everyone has really invested the time for enough water for everyone in the group mag community where ever you may end up. I also said early 1 gallon is on a easy day you add shft in the mix and your working in 100 degree weather with Manuel labor you can double or even triple my numbers per gallon per day. I know some people say we plan on boiling water or getting chlorine tables for our water issues, and both good ideals for a while. I also want you to think about all that food you have been storing also needs water especially the freeze dried or core foods beans rice just about anything. there are good filters out there very cheap. I have bought sawyer filter,  berkey filters and just finished my set up for any chemical possible in the drinking water. anyway hope this adds food for thought. 3 days and your dead with out it or you may wish you were.

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water 3 days and your dead  Empty Re: water 3 days and your dead

Post by Texas Patriot on Wed Mar 11, 2015 8:39 pm

Oh yes. Water is always at the top of the list.
You might can go three weeks without food, not me. Lol.

Circulating storage, filtration, capturing. What ever I can think of that will be sustainable.

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