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Encrypted Email and Chat Empty Encrypted Email and Chat

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 18, 2015 10:46 am

I have been using the service UNSEEN.IS for encrypted email and chat. The service is still $79 for a lifetime membership.

The part I like best is the encrypted chat feature, which also allows you to send encrypted files. You can create groups as well.

For those of you from my previous website know how valuable a chat can be. Even though it is in a different window, you can open it and chat with any members that come on (but you would need to know their unseen ID if not the same as their survivalsanity screen name.)

They are working on the ability to embed these features into an existing website (you would still need to be signed up for the service to use it, or the website hosting it would pay for the service in some manner.)

I suggest that anyone who is interested in secure encrypted email, chat, and file transfers get a lifetime subscription while they are still offered. You also get two accounts when you sign up (one for you and your spouse.)

The code: save30 may still work to get you a 30% discount, but I am not sure.

Something to consider

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