A case for AR-47 (7.62x39)

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A case for AR-47 (7.62x39) Empty A case for AR-47 (7.62x39)

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:15 am

I created a discussion like this once before, in another time and another place, but for a different caliber. Back then, it was the 5.45x39 in the AR platform, but when they banned the cheap surplus ammunition, it no longer made any sense. When it was about 11ยข per round, it was one thing, but when it went up to costing the same as any other bulk ammunition, it no longer did.

When it comes to inexpensive bulk ammunition (foreign manufactured) for use in training, all of the smaller calibers cost about the same now. When there is a sudden run on ammunition for one reason or another, 7.62x39 seems to be available longer, and comes back on the market sooner. This is probably because of the number of countries that use that round.

Many quality 5-7 day tactical classes will consume 1000-3000 rounds per gun. If you and your battle buddy go to a class, that is a lot of ammunition for training in just one class. Having recently attended a 5-day class, the average round count per student was almost 2000 rounds. I prefer not to put that kind of round count on my primary AR if I can prevent it - three classes per year equates to a new barrel every two years. The difference between my $400 match grade .223/5.56 barrel and a $140 7.62x39 barrel is one significant cost difference, and I would not intentionally run steel-cased ammo through my match barrel.

The addition of a caliber to the arsenal can also allow for the access to ammo if there is a run on one type, as recently occurred with 5.56, which spilled over into every .223/5.56 round available. We were fortunate that scare only lasted about six weeks. But since one can never know, I bought 7.62x39 at normal prices when .223/5.56 was unavailable and could continue training.

An AR-47 will still cost about the same as any standard AR-15, but offers an additional option for training purposes, changes in operations or area of operations, and one more access point to ammunition.

Just something to consider.

A case for AR-47 (7.62x39) 150405_0001_zpsxgpssjci

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A case for AR-47 (7.62x39) Empty Re: A case for AR-47 (7.62x39)

Post by doc g on Thu Apr 09, 2015 8:22 pm

pretty pebbles in the background.

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