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You Have Just 30 Minutes Empty You Have Just 30 Minutes

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:21 pm

Whether you politically/ideologically agree with this real life situation or not, this is a prime example of being a "responder" in the assistance of others as I have alluded to in the past weeks/months.

If you as an individual, or as part of an existing team decided to respond in aid to this event, are you ready? Can you have all of your gear and be out the door in 30 minutes or less? They are requesting assistance within 24 hours, which is the minimum drive time for half of the country, so taking several hours to get yourself ready means that you may arrive too late.

The following is a live request for response (up to date as of this posting):

Person of contact at the mine
Joseph Rice
Oath Keepers of Josephine County
PO Box 553, Grants Pass, OR 97528
Alex Sealey
Rally point
42.550514, -123.529695
Needs 60 minute leeway before you arrive to rally point
This will be off I-5 exit 61 Galice Rd.
We need 50 + people on the ground within the next 24 hours
They need to be self sustained for 7 days with food and gear.
There is water and firewood on site.
This is mountain terrain plan for adverse weather conditions
Due to some lack are real-estate we are asking people to carpool if they can.
There will be limited cell phone coverage.
They have the ability to program some radios (baofengs and others) to the frequencies they are running.
Fuel cards from chevron Fred Meyers
Medical supplies
4-wheeler or side by side
At this time we will be setting up supply dumps in Oregon and activating the Patriot railroad. If you can help with manning a dump or have supplies for a dump please let Alex Sealey know by one of the means above or getting on the Patriot railroad on facebook Manny E. Vega Pete Santilli

Death before slavery!

Do you have the fuel to get there and back?
Can you get the time off from work?
Can you sustain yourself and/or your team in the wilderness for 7 days with food, water, clothing, spares, and hygiene?
Do you have comms gear?
Do you have comms gear that is compatible with the local comms structure?
Do you have road and topo maps?
Do you have a separate source for intel?
Will your training integrate with others who respond?
Can you stay longer if sustainment supplies are available?
Can you stay longer if sustainment supplies are not available?
Can you even operate in that environment?
Do you have enough replacement batteries for everything that uses them, for the duration they will be used, or the ability to recharge everything while in the field?

These are only a few of the more pressing questions, but there are many more depending on your specialty. Besides the basic questions above, one would still need to take care of rest, administration, food, hydration, waste, and other assorted tasks while in the field, IN ADDITION to whatever duties one my be tasked to perform. Can you do this with strangers, putting your life in their hands, and vice versa. At least if you are a buddy pair at minimum, or four-man team, you can rest easier knowing your back will always be covered.

Just some things to think about. Real life is happening now!

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You Have Just 30 Minutes Empty Re: You Have Just 30 Minutes

Post by LSP on Sun Aug 30, 2015 7:54 pm

Admin -- that post was salutary...

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